Make And Receive Calls Over Wi-Fi For As Little As 1c/min! Text For 5c/message!


Our OneSim-VoIP application (available for Android 4.2 and higher and Apple iOS 6.1 or higher) lets you save even more money when a sufficient Wi-Fi connection is available.

To use OneSim-VoIP, you must have a strong Wi-Fi connection, an Android 4.2 or higher or Apple iOS 6.1 or higher device, and an active VoIP-enabled Personal Extra Number (PEN) on your OneSimCard account. Attention iPhone users: You do not need to have a jailbroken phone to use OneSim-VoIP, you only need to have a compatible PEN active on your OneSimCard account.

Android: Download the free application from Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

iOS: Download the free application from App Store.

Once downloaded, log in to your online OneSimCard account, go to your My SIM Cards page and click the Create VoIP Account button. Choose your password and you're all set!

What are the benefits of using OneSim VoIP?

There are two major benefits of OneSim-VoIP: coverage and rates.

In the few countries where we provide limited or no GSM coverage, as long as you can access a sufficient Wi-Fi connection then you will still be able to make and receive calls on your OneSimCard Personal Extra Number (PEN).

If you like OneSimCard's standard low GSM rates, then you'll love our OneSim-VoIP rates. No matter where you are in the world, it's just 1c/min to receive calls!* The outgoing call rate only depends on the phone number you are calling to - for example, calling to a continental U.S. or Canadian phone number is just 2c/min. Calls between two phones both using OneSim-VoIP are absolutely free! OneSim-VoIP rates for all countries can be viewed at our Rates and Coverage page by choosing any country.

* Cost for receiving calls through a Local PEN. It is 5c/min to receive calls through a Toll Free PEN.

How is making and receiving calls with OneSim-VoIP different from regular calls?

The main difference is the cost and call quality. Connection quality of the calls made using OneSim-VoIP option over Wi-Fi will only be as good as the quality of the Wi-Fi connection.

Please be advised that depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection, the quality of OneSim VoIP calls can be inferior to the connection quality of the regular OneSimCard international SIM card roaming network.

SIM VoIP Text Messaging Now Available on iPhone

OneSimCard SIM VoIP users with US and Canadian numbers may now send and receive text messages over the OneSim VoIP app on iPhone. The cost to send or receive each message is $0.05.

OneSim VoIPFor troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions about OneSim VoIP, please visit its FAQ/Help page.

Sample OneSim-VoIP Outbound Calling Rates Per Min ($USD) - Effective May 2015

Rates displayed are for calling to landline numbers in these countries. Rates
calling to mobile numbers and/or to certain cities may be higher or lower.

Rates only depend on the country you are calling TO,
it does not matter what country you are calling FROM.

Check all rates here.
Albania $0.07   Ghana $0.28   Latvia $0.05   Palestine $0.21   Sudan $0.23
Algeria $0.10   Greece $0.03   Lebanon $0.12   Panama $0.05   Sweden $0.02
Angola $0.15   Guatemala $0.16   Lithuania $0.06   Paraguay $0.07   Switzerland $0.03
Argentina $0.04   Honduras $0.13   Luxembourg $0.03   Peru $0.04   Syria $0.17
Australia $0.03   Hong Kong $0.02   Macau $0.05   Philippines $0.16   Taiwan $0.02
Austria $0.03   Hungary $0.02   Malaysia $0.02   Poland $0.02   Thailand $0.04
Bahamas $0.12   Iceland $0.03   Mauritius $0.19   Portugal $0.02   Turkey $0.04
Bahrain $0.04   India $0.03   Mexico $0.03   Puerto Rico $0.02   Turks & Caicos $0.14
Bangladesh $0.05   Indonesia $0.09   Moldova $0.22   Qatar $0.20   Uganda $0.15
Belgium $0.02   Iraq $0.06   Mongolia $0.07   Romania $0.04   Ukraine $0.10
Brazil $0.03   Ireland $0.02   Morocco $0.08   Russia $0.04   UAE $0.20
Canada $0.02   Israel $0.02   Mozambique $0.11   Saudi Arabia $0.11   UK $0.02
Chile $0.03   Italy $0.03   Namibia $0.10   Senegal $0.24   Uruguay $0.08
Colombia $0.04   Jamaica $0.09   Nepal $0.14   Serbia $0.12   USA $0.02
Costa Rica $0.07   Japan $0.03   Netherlands $0.03   Singapore $0.03   Uzbekistan $0.10
Ecuador $0.14   Jordan $0.10   New Zealand $0.02   Slovakia $0.03   Venezuela $0.03
El Salvador $0.22   Kazakhstan $0.07   Nicaragua $0.17   Slovenia $0.04   Vietnam $0.07
Ethiopia $0.32   Kenya $0.12   Nigeria $0.13   South Africa $0.05   Yemen $0.20
Finland $0.05   Korea (South) $0.03   Norway $0.03   Spain $0.02   Zaire $0.33
France $0.02   Kuwait $0.10   Oman $0.17   Sri Lanka $0.11   Zambia $0.06
Germany $0.02   Laos $0.07   Pakistan $0.06   St. Lucia $0.12   Zimbabwe $0.10  

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