International Cell Phone Rental For World Travel

International Cell Phone Rental

If you are a student traveling abroad or an infrequent international traveler going on a short-term trip overseas, international cell phone rental is the best solution to save money and stay connected on your journey. All you need to do is rent an international cell phone package from the choices below and just return it in the mail when you get home. Each cell phone rental package comes with $5 of free airtime credit so you can start making calls as soon as you get off the plane!

Each International Cell Phone Rental Bundle Includes:
  • Free incoming calls

    Free incoming calls in 162 countries

  • $5 airtime credit

    $5 airtime credit

  • Free SMS messages

    Free incoming SMS text messages everywhere

  • 24/7 Customer support

    24/7 Live Technical Support

  • Mobile data

    Mobile data service from 2c/MB

Choose Your Unlocked International Cell Phone Or Mobile Data Device:

Phone rentals are currently available to business accounts only. To order, please call 1-617-313-8888.

When planning your trip tell us:

  1. the date you need the phone to be delivered
  2. the date you are planning to return it back
global mobile rental phone We will ship you a ready to use global mobile rental phone package with an initial airtime balance, so you just take it on the trip with you.

When you return home:

  1. all you need to do is visit your local post office and ship the rental package back
global mobile rentals We will provide you with the return packaging and pre-printed USPS label. The day you ship it back is the day we consider the rental package returned.

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