Transfer Your Range Roamer Phone Number to OneSimCard to keep your service running and get $10 Free.

Since Range Roamer no longer provides Roaming Services, OneSimCard is stepping up to help Range Roamer customers left stranded with no way to continue using their Range Roamer SIM cards. We at OneSimCard, as the premier provider of international SIM cards and global cell phone service, feel a personal commitment to help Range Roamer customers regain control of their SIM cards and keep their 3725XXXXXXX SIM cards and international phone numbers.

If you currently own a Range Roamer SIM card and need a new international cell phone service provider, just register it with us and within 24-48 hours your current phone number will be transferred to your new OneSimCard account and $10 airtime balance will be posted as a gift from OneSimCard. There is no need for you to buy a new SIM card! Once your Range Roamer SIM is transferred you can log in to your new OneSimCard account and start checking out the amazing features only available with OneSimCard! As a bonus we will offer you 30 day free US Number in addition to your main 372 number.

Whether you're a business, leisure or student traveler, OneSimCard is designed to provide you with comfort, savings, productivity and, most importantly, peace of mind when you're abroad.

Belmont Telecom, Inc. dba OneSimCard has been in business since 1994. We are a very stable and growing US company located in Boston, MA.

Transfer my Range Roamer account to OneSimCard

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