Traveling to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio? You Need the OneSimCard Brazil Data SIM.

The Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games are scheduled to open on August 5, 2016. Many people have already bought their tickets and booked hotels, but have they given enough thought to how they will communicate with family and friends back home and also continue using internet data on their Smartphone, tablet or laptop while in Brazil? One can always try to find Wi-Fi and hope it will be of decent quality and not too expensive, but for those who want fast and reliable mobile Brazil data, you do not have to pay the excessively high roaming charges of the major domestic carriers. You simply need to purchase an international SIM card for Brazil. The OneSimCard Brazil Data SIM is an excellent choice.

OneSimCard is an international SIM card which offers outstanding roaming services in over 200 countries at a small fraction of the cost you would pay to roam with your major domestic carrier. Typically, OneSimCard saves international travelers 85% off the cost of roaming by offering FREE incoming calls in over 160 countries, FREE incoming text messages worldwide and very low internet data rates. In Brazil, OneSimCard offers FREE incoming calls, FREE incoming text messages and outgoing calls to the US for $0.59 per minute. Compare this to the major carriers who charge for BOTH incoming and outgoing calls and have average calling rates in Brazil of $2.40 per minute.

Of course these days, international travelers want to take their Smartphones and other mobile devices with them and continue using them as if they were at home. With OneSimCard, there is no need to turn off mobile data as all our data packages are very affordable. The days of facing a shockingly high international roaming bill are happily in the past.

OneSimCard’s standard low rate for data in Brazil is $0.25 per MB. In addition, we offer many discount data packages which lower that per MB rate substantially. OneSimCard also offers fast 3G data in Brazil allowing you to use the internet the way you normally do. There is no need to turn off your Brazil data or stop streaming your favorite videos.

For the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, OneSimCard is currently offering a special Brazil data SIM. For a limited time, our OneSimCard Plus is pre-loaded with 1000 MB of Brazil data for only $99.95. This is less than $0.10 per MB while the major carriers charge over 20 times that amount for data in Brazil. Don't miss this special! Purchase your data SIM for Brazil today!





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