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OneSimCard vs. Large US Carriers

Wondering how OneSimCard stacks up against large domestic carriers? Glad you asked.

With OneSimCard you receive affordable Voice, SMS and Data with many additional benefits.

One of the main advantages of OneSimCard is no data throttling when roaming abroad. Data throttling is an automatic decrease in your data speed to 3G and even 2G after you consumed a certain amount of data.

Some providers throttle data especially with so-called unlimited data plans. Needless to say that lagging video, choppy gaming and web pages that take forever to load can ruin anyone's roaming experience. OneSimCard data connectivity and plans come with full speed data.

Another advantage of OneSimCard is the ability to add local phone numbers in 60+ countries. Handing out your home country phone number abroad is not always helpful. Enjoy your stay on another level by connecting like a local with businesses and friends.

For more details, click on the link below to compare mobile services with each provider.

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