Sprint International Roaming vs OneSimCard International SIM

Compare OneSimCard Rates with Sprint International Roaming Pricing

Going abroad and need mobile service to stay connected? See how OneSimCard international mobile service stacks up against Sprint international roaming and other largest US mobile carriers. To see OneSimCard international roaming rates for each country, visit www.onesimcard.com/rates

  OneSimCard Sprint
Coverage, Countries 300+ 58
Monthly Fee, $ 0 Monthly Subscription Plan Rate
Incoming Calls, $ per min FREE in Countries / from 0.15000 0.20
Outgoing Calls, $ per min from 0.25000 0.20
Incoming Text, $ per SMS Free Included
Outgoing Text, $ per SMS from 0.07000 Included
Data, $ per MB from 0.0057 Included on 2G** only; from $15 a day on 3G
Local Phone Numbers YES, in 60+ countries NO
Hotel and Airline Rewards Program YES NO
Global Concierge Service YES NO

* Compared to rates shown on Sprint website as of October 1, 2015. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint are trademarks of their respective owners. No claim to those trademarks is intended or implied.

** Slow speeds. Insufficient for comfortable web browsing and video streaming.

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