Shipping Policy

Shipping processing times

Sim card and phone orders placed during business hours before 3 PM Eastern Time will be shipped on the same day the order was placed. Orders placed after 3 PM will be shipped the next business day. The only exceptions are phone that are out of stock. In this case you will be notified about delayed shipping during the purchase.

Rental Orders will be shipped in such a way so you will received it 1 day before the Rental Start date you indicated on your order. For last minute rental orders, you will have to use express delivery options.

International shipping

We will ship to Europe or Africa or to any other continent. Products can be shipped by USPS or FedEx. You will be offered shipping options at the time you place an order. Shipping options include overnight shipping. In Australia we ship locally with Australia Post Express. So, it takes 1 or 2 days for delivery.

Shipping refunds

Shipping charges are not refundable.

Rental Order Shipping

All orders are shipped out based on the rental Start Date that you enter and your shipping method. The Start Date is the latest day that you will need your phone rental before you leave for your trip (usually a day or two before you leave). The End Date is the day your package must be postmarked by to avoid any late return fees. Rentals will ship out with enough time to make sure you receive your order a couple of days prior to your Start Date.

For example, if you place your rental order on August 15 with a Start Date of August 30 and choose Overnight shipping, we will ship your package on August 27 so it arrives on August 28.

Rental Order Return Shipping

You should ship the package back to us through the US Postal service using the envelope that came in your original package. The return label will require appropriate postage. The post office will scan the label. The date the package is scanned is considered the rental's return date. Thus you will not be charged rental fees for the days after the package is scanned to be shipped back to OneSimCard.

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