Securely receive SMS verification online anywhere in the world

Forward verification texts to your email or mobile phone

Being locked out of your bank or any other online account can happen to anyone. A growing number of service providers today use 2-factor verification, often unexpectedly when you register or login from a new location. This can be a problem if you don’t have a phone number capable of receiving the verification text.

OneSimCard can help.

With a special US number you can forward Verification SMS to any email address and even mobile number worldwide. You can do it completely online without owning a physical SIM card!

Excellent for:
  • Expats
  • International Travelers
  • Business people
  • Students
  • Temporary Workers

SMS Verification US Mobile Number
  • Forward text to emails for free
  • Forward to another mobile phone number worldwide
  • Works with many apps (WhatsApp, etc.), US banks and other financial institutions
  • No OneSimCard SIM required to receive the SMS
  • Reply to SMS option is available with free 1SIM VOIP app and actual OneSimCard SIM

Price: $69.90

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