The OneSimCard Travel Agency Referral Program

Travel Agency Referral Program Key Features

  • $10 to $15 commission per OneSimCard referral sale
  • 3% lifetime commissions on all later airtime sales
  • Unique travel agency code to be provided to customers you refer
  • Referred customers receive a 5% discount by using your travel agency code


About OneSimCard

The OneSimCard brand was launched in May 2007 by Belmont Telecom. OneSimCard was developed and introduced to the international travel market to solve a growing need to reduce the normally high costs of using a mobile device when traveling across borders.


Outstanding International Mobile Service

  • Prepaid mobile service in 200+ countries
  • Free incoming calls in 160+ countries
  • Outgoing calls as low as $0.25/min
  • Wi-Fi calling option from $0.01 /min
  • Free incoming SMS texts worldwide
  • Outgoing SMS texts as low as $0.10 each
  • Data service in 180+ countries
  • European data plans from $0.01/MB
  • Free European and US telephone numbers
  • Add unlimited local numbers to the OneSimCard in 60+ other countries
  • No contracts, no connection fees and no surprise roaming charges of any kind
  • No monthly “maintenance” fees to keep OneSimCard card active


Referral Program Sign Up

For more information email: TravelPartners (at)

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